How You Can Join Our Mission...

There are many ways you can join our Mission to help homeless Veterans. You can donate funds to help us put the EFL bags together and to deploy in the cities we serve. You can sponsor a Veteran who we will train to assist us in our Mission, giving that Veteran a renewed sense of purpose. If we are in your city, you can provide us with EFL bag items, help to put them together, and volunteer time. Just contact us and we’ll find the most fulfilling way for you to join this very important mission.

Contact Us to Join the EFL Mission.


You’ve read the stories in the news – veterans kicked out on the streets to make room for others.

That was their last chance to stay off the streets with no official solutions. 

Enlisted For Life has the solution! Our dorm at Plattsburgh can house up to 90 veterans. EFL will provide meals, structure, rooms and vocational training. But this requires resources, including funding. 

To kick off our program we need initial funding of $400,000 for the first eight veterans to be pulled off the street retrained and put back into the workforce. 

Please help us help these veterans in need.

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