Your help would be Amazing

Every day we touch the lives of homeless veterans and veterans in need.
They in turn touch our lives.

Your Tax deductible Sponsorship or Donation will make the difference to these Veterans.

We now have dorms at the old Plattsburgh Air Base that can house, feed and train Veterans that are ready to move back into society. This can only be accomplished by support from you!

Phase 1

With over 30,000 plus homeless Veterans on the streets something needed to change. We started going to find, engage, learn and give our homeless Veterans food and supplies. We continue to visit city streets and have had great success with moving them from the streets to rooms of their own.

Phase 2

They served our country with honor and now we serve them. Their pride is evident when they don’t reach out for help, they may have their own home but have troubles with transportation, heat, food and other expenses. We deliver and engage with them to honor them.

Phase 3

Successful transitioning from the streets to the workforce takes structure, opportunities and support. It all made sense to us – we got to know the homeless Veterans on the street, spent time learning and engaging with them, followed them to shelters and rooms – we needed to continue down that road with them. We have dorms and collaboration with a technical college to bring them in and train them for their future.

Sponsoring Enlisted For Life

Your sponsorship helps us support our mission to help Homeless Veterans, Veterans in need and housing and training Veterans for life long careers.
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